Interactive 3D Training - Animations

Compelling video can communicate more information per second than than any other medium. Text and still images are limited in the information and concepts that can be quickly conveyed. Whether you're training or marketing, you need to incorporate moving interactive imagery. In the marine technology world, getting the right video is a huge expense or even impossible, which is why Black Laser Learning® has invested in animation and 3D technology. Animations and 3D imagery have propelled our training programs to the forefront of marine training industry. If you need to market a product or develop a training program, the addition of our custom animations will elevate the level of your program.

Black Laser Learning® offers expertise in marine technology combined with professional video services and Hollywood quality animations along with a proven track record.

Animations are just the base component. Black Laser Learning® can then incorporate the 3D models and animations into a comprehensive 3D, interactive computer based training program. Successful training/marketing/education requires us to not just present information but engage the participant. Animations and 3D interactivity effectively accomplish this goal.

knowledge composite webCombined with visual presentation is Black Laser Learning's® proven communication/training method. We have the expertise to take your highly technical material and translate the information into a successful program. The U.S. Navy tested operators prior to and after receiving the proprietary Black Laser Learning training and statistically proved the Black Laser method improved operators' scores.

Whether it is interpreting sonar records, flying AUV's military operations, Homeland Security or providing technical support, we can make you and your team better. We can transfer your presentations and training modules into effective and compelling interactive programs.

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Interactive Marketing

Engage Your Customers!

Static displays kill sales. You need to engage your customer. Compelling video, interactivity and portability are the new marketing paradigm. Let your customers vicariously touch, feel and explore your products, quickly and conveniently with interactive 3D marketing. Don't wade through piles of text when you can point and click.

Black Laser Learning® can deliver your product in a stunning interactive format without breaking your budget. Your customer can rotate, zoom and click to learn everything he or she needs to know about your product.

auv sonar

See It - Click It - Learn!

Interactive 3D models and animations combined with documents, specifications and images can be presented on disk, thumb drive or in a web-based streaming format. No special software is required. Successful marketing requires us to not just present information but engage the participant. Animations and 3D interactivity effectively accomplish this goal.

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