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Special Law Enforcement - Search and Rescue Humminbird Training

In Colaboration with Putnam County Sheriff's Office

Black Laser Learning, Inc. in conjunction with the Putnam County Sherriff's Office shall present an in-depth, 2-day training event, December 12-13, 2017. This two day seminar is specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Fire Rescue and Marine Rescue teams who utilize Humminbird sonar.

This special event shall be videotaped as part of an online video training program. All participants will be required to sign a video release.

Early bird enrollment only $265 prior to November 26.

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This completely revised and updated training program utilizes imagery from the latest Humminbird® systems such as the HELIX MEGA and the SOLIX. The program also includes information on older Humminbird® systems covered in Black Laser Learning, Inc.’s® highly acclaimed training Not in the Manual Guide® to Underwater Search Operations with the Humminbird® Side Imaging® Sonar (For 900-1100 Series Humminbird Systems) and is a comprehensive training program for the Law Enforcement/Fire/Marine Rescue Yorktown Hieghts Fire Rescue 55professional. This systematic look at using the Humminbird sonar for search OPS and victim recovery will detail all the skills required and provide exclusive drowning victim and vehicle imagery. The program also provides imagery of drowning victims and victim surrogates.

The course is led by senior instructor Vincent Capone, M.Sc.. Vince has over 30 years sonar experience, and is a sonar subject expert instructor for the U.S. Navy and teaches sensor data analysis at the Navy UUV Shcoolhouse. His courses are renowned for teaching operators how to get the most from their sonar and understand the sonar imagery.

HELIX Diver Manikin 1200k 60RVince has trained numerous law enforcement groups, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, Hennipen County Sheriff's Office, Suffolk County Marine Police, Calcsieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, US EPA Investigators, Medicine Hat Fire Rescue Aquatic Rescue Unit, local lire rescue units and officers from the New Jersey State Police. He is the also author of over ten marine technology training DVDs including the Black Laser Learning® 2nd edition Not in the Manual Guide® to Sonar Image Interpretation, which is considered the basic standard in side scan sonar training. The popular DVD has been circulated to organizations in over 38 countries.

Vince assisted with the recovery of Apollo rocket motors from over 14,000 fsw and supported the U.S. Navy supervisor of salvage with debris search operations for the space shuttle Columbia. He also located the previously undiscovered U-215 German U-Boat for National Geographic International’s “Sea Hunters” TV series, and the Lake George Radeau, America’s oldest intact warship, which is now an underwater historic park.

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: The 2-day program is $ 295.00 in US Funds. Payment is required at the time of registration.
Location: 130 Orie Griffin Blvd., Palatka, FL 32177

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received 3 weeks before the start of class will receive a full refund. Cancellations received 8-21 days prior to class will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations received 0-7 days prior to class are not refundable.
Information: Black Laser Learning - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(302) 476-9035, www.blacklaserlearning.com